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A good Zimbabwe coffee is a fine mellow treat anytime. It's always been a personal favorite of mine. It has excellent acidity, medium body, and a delicate touch of black pepper. Time and time again, I've noticed customers doing a double take over a steaming cup of this great under-rated african coffee!

Zimbabwe Map


Zimbabwe, like Zambia is less widely known in specialty coffee consumer circles because of the long shadow cast by their famous East African neighbor, Kenya. Don't let that deprive you of the more delicate wonders of Zimbabwe!

Zimbabwes are prized for their balance in the cup. A great Zimbabwe exhibits a fine balance of all the desirable qualities that you would hope for in a great cup of coffee: moderate acidity, full-rich flavor, excellent medium body and heavenly aftertaste.

The complex character of this coffee develops nicely at a Full City Roast.

Due to the unfortunate effects of land reform and civil strife in Zimbabwe, coffee production has dropped significantly. Political unrest in most of these countries makes quality and availability uncertain from year to year. We can only hope that supplies of this amazing coffee do not disappear entirely. For the time being, We thank our Importer who continues to "cup" rigorously to find the best of the best!

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