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What To Do If You Love Coffee But Your Tummy Doesn't. "Ouch"!

Coffee Alternatives For Coffee Lovers

I have found so much conflicting information on the Internet about coffee. One site will make you wonder why you didn't drop dead with the first whiff of this obviously evil and volatile brew, I mean come on!

Other sites will have you wondering how we survived infancy without the incredible health benefits that coffee has to offer.

Both sides of the controversy seem well equipped to provide all the proof an unarmed surfer could read.

Outside of all the extremes that folks seem to enjoy writing about on the Internet, these are my conclusions: Given moderation and a relatively healthy lifestyle, I believe that a person can drink coffee all of their life and enjoy superlative health.

However, these are only my thoughts, my opinions. So rather than debate this issue, I have chosen to create a page to help those of you who already know that you, personally, have issues with coffee consumption, whether physical or ethical.

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