Fresh Roasted Coffee


Fair Trade Organic Coffee
from the Indonesian Island
of East Timor!


Most current versions of Timor Coffee are typical for the islands of the Malay Archipelago: Low-key, sweet, with a musty pungency.

However, the very best farms produce a clean-tasting bean that is extraordinary: full bodied, well balanced, smooth, sweet, and deliciously cocoa-toned.

We were introduced to this superb arabica while searching for an excellent Fair Trade Decaf. We tried the Swiss Water Process Decaf and got such a positive response from our customers that we just had to cup its caffeinated counterpart. We did so with equal delight!

In addition, this coffee is the product of a once famous growing region, nearly destroyed by sectarian and political conflict.

Supporting this coffee at this time means a small but meaningful contribution to an economy that has been staggered by violence.