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Yauco Selecto Private Estate

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Puerto Rico Coffee: SELECTO means "chosen" and experts consider Yauco to be one of the world's top-of-the-line coffees. The beans are hand picked only when fully ripened and processed only when orders arrive.

Yauco Selecto Private Estate Coffee offers a full bodied, sophisticated flavor that is also rich, almost sweet, with subtle fruit overtones.

Yauco ranks with Jamaican Blue Mountain and Kona in quality but is not yet well known, so lacks the high price tag!

It is definitely not a coffee to be overlooked!

P.R.'s coffee beans are surprisingly notable. The government is pushing for improvements in the islands coffee industry and thus far Yauco Selecto Farms have produced the most excellent coffees. Yauco is a unique experience and an exciting stop on your journey through the coffees of the world!

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