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Lakota carries Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee from the famous Mavis Bank Estate. They produce a distinctly sweet aromatic coffee that features prominent fruit-like flavors and a hint of milk chocolate in the finish.  It's a relatively mild coffee with superb balance and "all day drink-ability". 

Is it worth the money? 

It certainly can be, if it's anywhere near being in your budget!  The prices for JBM remain in the realm of $69.00 to over $100 per pound for two main reasons:  Number 1... Jamaica has hundreds of years of experience at growing superb coffee.  Number 2.... the affluent, high-end Japanese market consumes nearly 80% of the available TRUE Blue Mountain, (same with Hawaiia's Kona) leaving 20% for the rest of the world. So considering the high demand and limited supply, well there you have it!  Exporters can get top dollar.  Personally, there are many coffees that, in my opinion - are as good or better... and are available at a fraction of the price.  To me JBM is a treat for a special occasion... because I think it's better than any coffee I've ever had?  No....  because it's..... well it's Jamaican Blue Mountain, for crying out loud.  It's FAMOUS...  Ha, Ha...  Some even consider it the  Dom Pérignon of coffee.

The reality is that 50 years ago Blue mountain was probably the best coffee in the world. But by today's standards other farms have improved processing and growing techniques to match or exceed Blue Mountain in many instances.  Once again, it really is about personal preference anyway.

NOTE:  We carry an amazing JBM coffee - as always - fresh roasted, 100 % pure, Mavis Bank Estate Jamaican Blue Mountain.  It's available here all year 'round!  Enjoy....
Jamaican Growing Region


Jamaican coffee IS . . . Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. It is consistently the highest priced coffee in the world, and with these prices (up to 20 times regular coffee) there is a very strict certification program to insure that if you buy Blue Mountain coffee you get Blue Mountain coffee.

Sometimes you will see Jamaican High Mountain coffee. High Mountain is coffee grown outside of the Blue Mountain region, and thus, does not carry the Blue Mountain name. The major producers of Jamaican Blue Mountain are Wallenford, Mavis Bank, Old Tavern Estate, and Moy Hall. We cup and choose from these elite sources only for Blue Mountains we carry.

Jamaican Blue Mountain fits the Island coffee profile (Hawaiian, St. Helena, Puerto Rico) of balanced, rich, delicate, and mild. These coffees comes in wooden barrels rather than in the familiar burlap bags, and most of the 165 barrels go straight from Jamaica to Japan, where the coffee fetches a very high premium.

Is the price of this coffee worth it? It's kind of a relative question, as in what makes a diamond worth so much? Rarity in supply, and high demand, plus desirable characteristics. If you want Jamaican Blue Mountain, you won't be getting any discounts from the Jamaicans and if you're getting discounts, you're not getting Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.


Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Origin Jamaica:

Geographic Coordinates: 18 15 N, 77 30 W

Population: 2,665,636

Cup Profile: Mellow, Balanced, and Rich

Currency: Jamaican Dollar

Language: English, Creole

Ethnic Groups: black 90.9%, East Indian 1.3%, white 0.2%, Chinese 0.2%, mixed 7.3%, other 0.1%

Production: (millions lbs.) N/A

Exports: (millions lbs.) N/A

Botanical Varieties: Blue Mountain, Typica Growing Regions: Blue Mountains

Wet Processed: Yes

Altitude: Meters 600-2000

Introduced: Introduced from Martinique in 1725

Harvest Times: Jan-Mar

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