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Colombian coffee is famous for its consistently fine, mild flavor.  Prized for its sweet aromatic taste, Colombian Supremo is superbly balanced.

Colombia Coffee


Colombian coffees are well balanced, medium bodied, and bright. They are also the most highly marketed coffees in the world. Everyone knows Juan Valdez. The Coffee Federation of Colombia has done an excellent job of connoting in the American public's mind that Colombians are the "richest coffees in the world."

Does it deserve this praise? The answer is both yes and no.

Colombia has done a very nice job at bumping up the quality of its average beans and produces an above average grocery store or restaurant coffee. Many Colombians, however, are not that special. On the other hand, many are praise-worthy. The task is to search out the exceptional among the merely decent cups.

Colombia is just starting to market and sell its coffee by region and finca, as opposed to just the "Colombian Mountain Grown" label. To be honest, I think that since Colombia was so successful at marketing the country as a whole, it was a latecomer to the micro-region vintage model of coffee marketing.

Overall, there's no reason to tell you to try a coffee from Colombia, since if you drink coffee at all,  you already have.  But make sure not to discount them as the smiley face of the coffee world. Top-notch vintage coffees are there, just have to request them, instead of just saying, "Colombian coffee please" when you order coffee at your local coffee house.

A final note: Supreme and Excelso are bean size descriptions, not cupping profiles, growing altitudes, or anything else. Supremos are bigger than Excelos, but these names do not mean anything on cup, per se. Basically they are the names that the Coffee Federation came up with. Just something to keep in mind!

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Colombian Harvest

Origin: Colombia

Geographic Coordinates: 4 00 N, 72 00 W

Population: 40,349,388

Cup Profile: Sweet, Bright, and Rich

Currency: Colombian Peso

Language: Spanish

Ethnic Groups: mestizo 58%, white 20%, mulatto 14%, black 4%, mixed black-Amerindian 3%, Amerindian 1%

Production: (millions lbs.) 1,227,600,000

Exports: (millions lbs.) 1,325,574,000

Botanical Varieties: Typica, Bourbon, Caturra

Growing Regions: Magdelena, Medellin, Bucaramanga, Popayan, Huila, Narino

Wet Processed: Yes

Altitude: Meters 800-1900

Introduced: Introduced by Catholic Church clergy in 1808 with botanicals from French Antilles

Harvest Times: Sep-Jan (main), Mar-Jun (fly

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